February 1st, 2012

Another Ad Idea


We are looking at doing full page ads, you know those ones that pop up occasionally while you are browsing. How much of a pain do you see these causing. Should we only integrate them in profile pages, but not journal pages.

These pages are a big revenue boost, and if they provide enough boost, we will reduce advertising elsewhere as a consolation. We do NOT want to be become over laden with ads, we are just looking at a way to replace lost income from our previous ad provider who has blocked us.

If I don't get enough feedback here, I will just do a trial run and see what feedback I get then, unfortunately that seems to be the only way to get real feedback. Please get the word out about this post so we don't have to resort to that and I can get the feedback I need here.


** Edit **

So monetarily the full page ads are a success, I may even remove some of our other ads and just keep these.

Now I would like to test how they affect your day to day functions by putting them on the comment pages of journal entries, but I totally understand the hesitation and general dislike around this.

Would everyone be okay to a 48 hour test to see how they perform and to see what the actual user experience is like and then an open, honest, and frank discussion around their use after that?

I honestly see the possibility of these ads supplanting 2 of the ad spots that are currently on site themed entry pages, but the last thing I want to do is alienate users just for increased ad revenue.

Please comment below and let me know how you feel about this so I can decide if its even worth doing a 48 hour test.

Thanks so far for your honest and civil discussion to this point.