February 6th, 2012

More About Ads

After the testing over this weekend and the feedback we've already received. We have decided it's in the best interest of the site to no longer continue using full page ads on entry pages. These ads have been disabled, though it may take a few hours for them to stop showing on the site.

We are, however, going to continue having them on profile pages for the time being.

In addition we are looking into a different ad network, as we aren't totally happy with the one we are using. Hopefully we will be switching within the next week.

In addition, about the virus warnings. I have looked into these, they are not alerts about actual malware being installed on your machine. Apparently AVG has a database of sites that they deem to be unsafe, one of the full page ads has been pointing to a site that AVG determines is a "Social Engineering" risk. This means that the site is potentially trying to convince you to give away personal information, not actually install a virus or tracking cookie on your PC.

Please understand that InsaneJournal would never knowingly accept any ads that would install harmful software on our users' PCs. That is just counter-intuitive to the business we are trying to continue to build.

Please feel free to use this thread for any further feedback.