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Jun. 28th, 2005

New Features

As of this afternoon, InsaneJournal now supports OpenID authentication.

What is OpenID you ask?

-- OpenID is a new authentication system that will allow you to leave comments on other sites
-- You will be able to add, ban, or trust users that do not have InsaneJournal accounts
-- It will allow you to use some other off-site utilities that require you to prove who you are

Things will get much more exciting in the coming weeks as more sites start to support this. Currenlty LiveJournal supports OpenID and in the near future DeadJournal, Movable Type, WordPress, MediaWiki, Bugzilla, TypePad, TypeKey, b2, TextPattern,, and a bunch of other sites will support OpenID authentication.

In this update we have also added Tags.

What are tags?

-- Tags let you organize your entries into categories so that you and your friends can quickly find related entries in your journal.
-- For example you make an entry about what you did in math class today, you could tag the entry school and math and then anyone who goes to your journal can easily find any posts you make about school or just math.

Feb. 16th, 2004

Back to work

Well as most of you have probably noticed, I have been negleting IJ for the past 6 weeks. Thats because I had a side job developing another LJ based site (dont worry its not competition, they dont even offer "journals") but now thats done and I got a good chunk of money out of it.

So I'm going to be putting the latest LJ code on the test server over the next few days. So those of you who enjoy playing with the latest and greatest features, keep an eye on [info]codetesting for details of what will need to be tested (probably about everything).

Well Im done posting, lets get some activity in this community. I dont want it to be just about me posting whats going on with the site. Its for everyone to talk about the site.

Dec. 31st, 2003


oops, I had forgotten to add S2 privs to users with paid/perm status .. my fault, its fixed now, I also gave EI's the ability to do everything except advanced customization in S2.

On a side note, what does everyone think about the new "Rich Text Update" feature. A lot of hard work went into this both by the developers at LJ and by me trying to properly integrate it into the site.

Jul. 13th, 2003

Code Update


Jun. 22nd, 2003

Code Update

I just finised a nice code update. Things seem to be running smooth.