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Aug. 28th, 2005


If anyone here is along the north Gulf coast please please please get the hell out of the way. I pray that this storm weakens and misses New Orleans, they just can't handle it there. The city would be gone.

Sep. 8th, 2004

I'm not religious

But I figure that it can't hurt ... so I'm praying for the people in Charlotte County, Florida. They shouldn't have to deal with this agian.


10 things I think

1. We dont pay nearly enough for electicity
2. Its not the heat or the humidity, its the lack of a breeze
3. Sometimes a cold shower isn't that bad
4. The fuckers on the news should have told us to stock up on ice
5. The noise of a hurricane is like nothing you've ever heard
6. The Natinal Guard really has their shit together. 1,000 cars an hour ... stocked with supplies is rather impressive
7. At somepoint we will all be that idiot waiting in line for an hour just to get gasoline
8. I have a new found respect for the survivors of hurricanes Charlie and Andrew
9. In Florida ... the concept of a 4 way stop at every intersection is too much for people to comprehend
10. Try sleeping in Florida without air conditioning for 5 nights ... then you too will realize that we really dont pay enough for electricity.

Sep. 6th, 2004

The Hurricane

Well the storm is over. Me, [info]insanity, and the child are okay. Our home is still there. Though things are far from normal. The power is out. It's been out since Friday morning. From the looks of the power lines around me power may not be back on for quite some time.

The destruction is amazing. I am thankful that this storm only came through as a Cat. 2. If this storm had not weakened ... I shiver to think what may have happened.

I got some pretty good (I think) pictures of the storm. I'll post them as soon as we get power back at home (posting from work .. ugh). I dont really want to be here, but they need me ... so I'm doing what I have to, comes with the job title. Well, I'll post more later. Hope everyone else is doing okay.