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May. 9th, 2005

PI Sale extended


Nov. 17th, 2004

Super one time only special

InsaneJournal is having a rough time right now. Accounts are not selling and ads are not paying for the site hosting. Normally this isn't a problem but with the holidays approaching, we are running rather thin. To help out InsaneJournal we are running a one time only promotion that will pay for this month's server bills.

The next 5 users who purchase a Permanently Insane account will get it for the low, one time only price of $20. The only stipulation is that to receive this low low price, you must use PayPal to pay for your order.

Have a community that you want a PI for? Have a friend you want to give a holiday present to? Just feel like supporting IJ?

Then go to and buy a Permanently Insane account as soon as possible.