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Sep. 6th, 2004

The Hurricane

Well the storm is over. Me, [info]insanity, and the child are okay. Our home is still there. Though things are far from normal. The power is out. It's been out since Friday morning. From the looks of the power lines around me power may not be back on for quite some time.

The destruction is amazing. I am thankful that this storm only came through as a Cat. 2. If this storm had not weakened ... I shiver to think what may have happened.

I got some pretty good (I think) pictures of the storm. I'll post them as soon as we get power back at home (posting from work .. ugh). I dont really want to be here, but they need me ... so I'm doing what I have to, comes with the job title. Well, I'll post more later. Hope everyone else is doing okay.

May. 17th, 2002

I feel like updating

I dont know what I plan on writing. I am just going to type and see what comes out.

Its been a rather uneventful past couple of days. At work I am trying to pass the time until I go to SA to start my training. I am sooooooo excited about this promotion. This is what I have been working towards for a long time. And its not the money I am all excited about, its the chance to start learning. Its the oprotunities that this position will open up for me down the road. With this kind of experience I will open myself up to hundreds of jobs that I wouldnt otherwise have had an chance at.

Away from work life has been quite peechy. I am happy at home, I love Tanya and the baby more and more every day. I am soooo excited about the coming of this child. I dont think words can express it. Money is extremly tight right now, but I am not (too) worried about it. The money issues will work out, they always do.

We went over to Kims last night. I was preparing to run out and get some stuff so we could make dinner, and she called with an invite to come over for corned beef and cabbage. I would have to say that was the best corned beef I have ever had (though I've only had corned beef a handful of times). Kimmie has to be one of the best cooks that I know .. her food always tastes like a professional chef made it.

I havent mentioned it here before but I have a small little thing on the side that I have been working on with a buddy of mine. Things with it are going allright, though we need to start recruiting people better so we can at least break even on this venture. I have learned a lot with the coding that I have had to do with this server. Its been interesting,

Well I cant think of anything else to write, so I will end it here.

May. 10th, 2002

Been feeling lazy

I haven't wanted to write anything lately .. but finally I think I have the motivation so here we go.

Well the pregnancy has hit a small snag. Tanya has gestational diabietes(sp?). Its not serious if we monitor and maintain Tanya's blood sugar, but if we cant then it could become a problem. There are only 8 more weeks until the baby :-D.

Well the company finally let me catch the carrot. I found out today that I have the SA positon That kicks some major ass. Its a decent raise and I get off of third shift which seems to be a good thing. I will work only 4 days a week (saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday). And I get a decent raise. The only bad thing about going to 1st shift is that I am not going to get a shift differencial, which would mean about 400 a month more a paycheck .. ugh.

Anyways I am really excited about this. This has been a long term goal of mine and I have finally accomplished it. I guess I am just too emotionally drained. I watched probably the most emotional thing I have ever seen on TV. I have been a big fan of ER for the past few years (thank you for something else wonderful Tanya). And tonight was Dr. Greene's (Anthony Edwards) last episode. They killed him off in a very emotional way. The writers and actors on this show make you truly care about them as if they are your actual friends, and seeing one of them die like this really tugs on your heart strings.

Well thats all I have to write for tonight. Maybe if I am feeling up to it I can write more later .. then agian probably not.